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Relaxation, Rejuvenation, Elevation...
Welcome to Wild Rhythm. A sanctuary where movement, music and creativity breathe new life into the exhausted and overwhelmed...
  • Meld your physical and energy bodies at Kundalini Yoga or Meditation classes
  • Amp up your energy and strengthen your body and your resolve at our Shake the Dust sessions
  • Nurture yourself in the ritual of monthly full moon Yoga Nidra with ceremonial Cacao
  • Build or Maintain your Surf Fitness in our specially tailored classes
  • Elevate a public or private event with our captivating event entertainment services, featuring LED, UV, or Fire dancers guaranteed to bring the WOW factor!
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Amy Louise
  • Certified Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Teacher 300 hour
  • Certified Cacao Facilitator
  • Certified Reiki Level 2 Practitioner
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You'll be drawn into nature's vibrations when you step onto this land, right under Mount Taranaki, nestled in New Zealand's native bird-filled bush with extensive ocean views.


Transformation Retreat

Emerge with the Courage of your Alter -ego

November 15-17 2024

For Women ready to explore creative self-expression, radical body freedom, nurturing community, and personal growth extending far beyond a weekend!

Are you ready to elevate your bravery to truly be 'You' at your wildest potential?


Classes are adapted to nature's seasonal rhythms, offering a balanced blend of practices promoting harmony for your body and spirit.

The days of trying to imitate a teacher are dissolving with so many other outdated ideas about what Yoga is... Yay!

Prioritising the cultivation and balanced flow of Kundalini life force energy

fosters strength, and grace, while nourishing

the soul.

We embrace physical individuality and nurture transformation unique to each of us.

Be it physical, mental or spiritual you can meet your needs here.

Simple ancient techniques strengthen our nervous system's ability to recalibrate glandular function, enhancing

our overall well-being

Yoga Rule #1 - Do what feels good...

   It truly is a powerful practice. Ask anyone who has practiced for a term..

What's in a Kundalini class..?

Kundalini yoga is an active, multidimensional  form of yoga that encourages and awakens our Kundalini (shakti) energy flow, through...

  • Repetitive movement asana - moving poses - but not vinyasa or flow yoga

  • Mantra - sacred verse

  • Naad Yoga - sound or chanting healing, try not be afraid like I was - it's very liberating

  • Pranayam - breath focus

  • Mudra - sacred ways to hold the body

  • Bandhas - ways to "lock" energy in the body

  • Drishti - which is where you focus your eyes

... All in one class.


The way these classes are put together is referred to as a 'Yoga Kriya' which is a complete sacred yoga set with a purpose. 


Check out a 40 second video of a Yoga Kriya to give you an idea of what you might do in class 



The chanting in KY is spoken in Gurmuki, a close relative of Sanskrit Gurmuki. The various syllable sounds in Gurmuki activate energy in the heart, head, and belly (our 3 brains) in different combinations with different purposes.

When we bring in an Asana - posture or move - we can divert or point the desired messages to different parts of the body, either to raise or settle energy, as one example.

We may invite the energy, through an access point for example the kidneys, to cleanse or stimulate the nervous system or Meridians in Chinese medicine or Nadis in Indian script.


There are thousands of pathways and intersections just waiting for you to engage with them and the great thing is you need not understand any of it for it to work its divine purpose!

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Naomi Hunt

"Thanks so much for your mindful guidance in todays yoga session. I felt so much calmer today and could more easily tune in to patience and compassion. I feel like I've shifted some grief, feel settled. So much gratitude for you and the teachings you are sharing."

Jasmine Millward

"The work I do with Amy is a little piece of magic in my total wellbeing. Walk in, weighed down, walk out a better version of me. It’s subtle but strong… powerful but not overwhelming."

Diana & Raigk

My husband and I have been doing Kundalini Yoga with Amy for about half a year, We absolutely love it. It helped us tremendously with flexibility, managing back pain, and other little pain related issues. Also mentally we both feel more relaxed and content since joining. The scenery and atmosphere in her studio is just beautiful, a place to relax.

A big thank you Amy!”


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Okato, Taranaki, New Zealand
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