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Inspiring personal freedom and growth that will extend far beyond a weekend...

This is your chance to dance in your imagination and play with your fantasies.

Emerge from your beige cocoon to explore and play with creativity, movement and self-expression within a supportive, fun and nurturing community of spirited women.

15th - 17th November 2024

Picture yourself retreating for 3 days into a fantasy world, for a performer-style transformation - into your braver alter ego.

Fueled by nourishing meals and the warmth of sisterhood, together, you'll experience yoga nidra, creative energy yoga, and cacao circles with goddess-inducing mantras, to tap into your divinity.

Supported by skilled hands into a body-painted fantasy version of you, you'll unearth a newfound love and appreciation of your body and the way it can move.. striking poses with fans or floating with the winds under Isis wings.

At peak enjoyment, a female photographer stands ready with your blessing to capture your radiance, preserving it for eternity.


You'll find your system slows in this nature sanctuary with trickling creeks, surrounded in birdsong, right under the snow covered - Mount Taranaki


And as the sun sets on each magical day, you'll retire to gorgeous sleep-over-style accommodation.


This is more than a retreat—it's a treasure room for your playful spirit where creativity, colour, friendship, music and movement will awaken the magic that lies within.

Picture leaving feeling fulfilled and empowered, with a delicious spicey new sense of self that echos on, inspiring ambition, pleasure seeking, and ripples of goodness throughout your relationships, career, and friendships.

This doesn't have to be - just - a weekend of indulgence - but perhaps a new way of living…

🦋 Expressive Freedom 🦋 Skill Development 🦋 Community Support 🦋 Personal Growth 🦋 Escapism and Fun 🦋


🦋 Who is this for?

  • Are you wanting a break from the ordinary, overwhelm or exhaustion of #mumlife, for a fun adventure and some high vibe excitement?

  • Does a fantasy place that allows you to explore and embrace a fully vibrant version of yourself, sound like something you need?

  • Do you have more fun in the moments getting ready for events with your friends, than the events themselves?

  • Do you crave genuine nourishment and some sweet time out, looking to return to life a little 'different'?

  • Would experiencing life with a bunch of loyal and supportive girlfriends who cherish laughter and embellished adventure be an epic addition to your life?


Is This You?  I'm calling you Sister...

🦋 Who is Hosting?

I'm Amy, 

I'm 44, a mum, wife and a TOTAL Wild Spirit!

I'm a yoga teacher, hairstylist, make-up artist, personal stylist, body painter, and performance fire spinner... 

but I've been an Outrageous Dress up Diva, performing my way through life since I could put my own clothes on..

If it involves transformation - I'M IN!


I am obsessed with feeling Alive and I want to help YOU jump into your full bodied expressive beauty!

It's a million dollar feeling!

For me, adding props like Isis wings takes my head away from my "fat arms flapping about" ..

Wings give me confidence, 'Fat' arms and all.. I don't care!

I want to share this LIBERATED & JOYFUL feeling with you!



 Pre-sale discount pricing will be ONLY be offered to those who receive emails.

Early bird pricing will be offered to those email registered FIRST!!


🦋 What's included in this incredible package?


 Upon 10 acres of private bushland in whichwe will be held and nourished with..

  • 'Flow Art' skill workshops - basics + Isis wing flow + faux silk fan flow with a set of faux silk fans to customise and keep

  • Body and face painting workshop with a professional paint kit to keep (keep kit optional if you want to save some money)

  • Showtime Photographer will capture images of you in your magic forever! 

  • Indulgent vegan and gluten-free food and snacks throughout your stay (Yes, desserts are on the menu!)

  • Shared or individual accommodation, linens and towels included (byo linen option, byo camper option also)

  • Ceremonial Cacao circles

  • Creative energy movement sessions

  • Yoga Nidra

  • Moving Mantra Meditations

  • Onsite fantasy accessory wardrobe - headpieces, jewelry, fabrics, etc etc etc.. (byo costumes/outfits) 

  • Stylist advice and Pro Hair tips

  • Access to Isis wings and many other props for play like poi, hula hoops, butterfly wings, and more 

  • Fire circles & Fire show - weather permitting

  • Ongoing sister support group to keep flow arts a part of your journey 

  • Epic-and-always-updated playlists to save for play inspiration

  • Plenty of downtime to sit in nature in your magnificence


... And much more magic 💗

Who will you become?


Not quite sure if its for you? let's chat and find out

Thanks for reaching out!

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