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What We Serve For

My efforts in space holding for You is that you will build Intrinsic Courage.

Courage to reveal yourself and live fully in the authentic expression of 'You' that you naturally are, that maybe you're too shy, embarrassed or self-conscious to show - outside of your intimate space.

'Living Liberated' is the freedom to authentically enjoy Your Self , anytime, anywhere.

It's an enriching and exciting way to live each day, and I want this experience for You.


We share known practices with you to enhance your ability to accept and live by these attributes:

Love of Your Self and Your Expression of Life

Body Acceptance and Appreciation and Love

Remembering and Working in Sync with the Natural Cyclic Being You Are. 

Your Experience with Us


We prioritize consent based practices in our studio. Teachers will not manually adjust your body; instead, we offer verbal guidance for functional adjustments.

Empowerment & Agency

Your voice matters. Speak up about your needs, and feel empowered to engage or sit out any part of any class. You have 100% agency over your body at all times.

Respect &
Non Judgement

We embrace individuality and nurture transformation unique to each of us. 

Be it physical, mental or spiritual, we honor where you are on your journey without comparison or criticism.

Our Commitment to You

Continuous Learning & Growth

Our teachers are committed to ongoing training and education to provide you with the most relevant instruction and support for embodied practices


Our classes are adapted to nature's seasonal rhythms, offering a balanced blend of practices throughout the seasons, promoting harmonious relationships with Nature and It's/Our cycles.

Purpose, Intention & Motivation 

Movement classes prioritize encouraging the flow of Kundalini life force energy to foster strength, and grace, while nourishing the soul using simple, ancient techniques. In tandem, movements encourage the regulation of our nervous system, organ & glandular function to enhance

our overall well-being.

I am Amy, Founder of Wild Rhythm

I'm your passionate Guide, Teacher, Facilitator and Coach on this fabulous ride..


A couple of credentials for you..

  • 50 Hour Embodied Yin + Pilates Foundations, Now - 2024 (Still in study) Satu.Yoga - Sweden

  • 50 hour Shake the Dust, Now - 2024 (Still in study) Satu.Yoga - Sweden

  • 200 Hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - Kundalini University - USA - 2022-2023

  • 50 Hour Yoga Nidra Facilitator - Samadhi Yoga Ashram - India - 2021

  • 200 Hour Hatha & Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - Samadhi Yoga Ashram - India - 2021

  • Certified Women's Circle Facilitator - Wild Woman Project USA - 2021

  • Reiki Level 2 Practitioner - 2020

  • Reiki Level 1 Practitioner - 2019

  • ​Oh and all the other things, Hairdresser, Makeup artist, Personal Stylist I could go on and on... 

I'm 44, A mum of 2 girls aged 15 and 9. My husband and I share our love of nature on 10 acres of land we've turned into a paradise bird and human sanctuary from bare farmland, over the last 20 years.

We follow the moon and the swells for family fun, surfing and walking beaches, skate parks and playgrounds. 

We love Festivals! Getting dressed up all fantastically and body-painting my family are the highlights for me of a big music gathering!

I Love Music. The Asperger in me is at peace when vibrations combine with every cell in me, the heavenly frequencies, and I move how my body wants to move.

Finding new deep bassy beats, dancing with fire to them, having cathartic releases, making playlists and sharing them with other music nuts is half the reason I'm alive, I swear.

I'm learning how to play the guitar - a lifelong desire I finally figured out I'm not too old for! Holy heck you can make music vibration right at your heart while holding a guitar.. could it get any better?

I've come to realize My Expression and fall in Love with it Fully - rather than shut it away because of other peoples comments.

I have this life - born like this - a rollercoaster of cyclic energy & I'm going to dance my way through it with everything I've got,.. and maybe even, a little more!

The #1 Yoga Rule

Do What You Can and FEEL Good about it!

#2. Success is Showing Up.
While in class, participate to the level your body-mind-spirit would appreciate in each moment.

#3. No being hard on yourself.
The gift of Yoga comes in the commitment to giving yourself a piece of time that belongs only to you and doing what feels good in that moment.

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