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Our Offerings for Your Wellbeing

We LOVE to learn and share and will always strive to bring you new and fresh ways to connect with yourself and others, in ways that feel good. Here's what we currently have on offer and the new inspirational ideas we're working on..

Yoga with Music

We LOVE to share our knowledge of Yoga and the classes here are set with music and mantra playlists to enhance your experience. We even have a Full moon Kundalini Yoga class set to Electronic Dance Music (EDM) for those who REALLY like to let the energy experience takeover. Dance in the middle of class if you want! Cut Loose!

The unique combination of what we do here may just be what you're looking for.

Flow Arts & Body Painting Workshops and Retreats

Learn to Dance with Flow Props - wings, fans, poi...  Feel the wind play with your body, and the earth support your feet as you unlock a free-flow movement with grace and ease. We take time to paint ourselves or each other to enhance our ability to loosen up. Workshops take place on hilltops or at the beach where photos and videos can capture your flow. 

Cycle Awareness - Workshops

or Private Coaching Courses, In-person & Online

Awareness of the seasons and cycles in Nature, and of our own - life phase and menstrual pattern - is how we live around here. It's how we organize the intensity of a class or the direction of a meditation. We can help you find better balance by living with the energy flow of the seasons you're in. 

Introductory Workshops

We've created workshops that are an easier way to experience your first Kundalini Yoga class. They're much slower so you can practice the breaths, stretches, and moves so you can join regular classes safely and with confidence.

Meditation - Chanting

You can practice moving meditations with vocalised mantras with us in a group setting or online. They are so much fun and not at all pretencious! feeling the vibrations of your voice in your chest is really cool and its fun to play with the sounds you can make. we dont care about "singing well" here

Cacao as Sacred Medicine

Cacaco opens the heart. Cacao is included in some of our workshops, classes, and retreats to serve you with a huge supportive cuddle while you move, process, or find creativity and inspiration.

We drink cacao grown and sourced from small batch family farms, not large scale operations, to keep the sacredness of the plants' spirit intact. No slave or child labour. Well paid families only.

Your Personalised Daily Sadhana Program 1-1

If you're looking for deep connection or understanding of yourself, your blocks or patterns and from it experience potential massive personal growth.. A personal sadhana (daily practice) will take you there. Please click here for more info and we can tailor your personal practice to your natal chart or your physical or energetic desires.

Cold & Heat

Have you heard about ice baths, cold water immersion and no doubt Sauna's..?

we have a cold water pool and a sauna here on site. They're great tools for inflammation and general physical and mental health improvements. You'll soon be able to book a sauna or ice bath before or after a class. 

What Our Clients Say


Jasmine Millward, New Plymouth

"The work I do with Amy is a little piece of magic in my total wellbeing. Walk in, weighed down, walk out a better version of me. It’s subtle but strong… powerful but not overwhelming."
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