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What on Earth is this Kundalini Yoga about..?

Kundalini Yoga is not new.
It's got a bad reputation thanks to one guy who let 'Power over others - Take over himself'. There's always that one person... like every sector, of anything, ever.. so lets not get hung up on him - he certainly didn't invent Kundalini Yoga! Let's send out prayers of healing for the people overpowered by him - they were living in a time of trust and openness that was taken advantage of and that hurts.
Lets move onto the real goods of this practice that WELL and TRULY predates the 70's.

Kundalini yoga is an ancient, active, multidimensional form of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga also came from India however from a part of Northern India that was always 'on guard' and being invaded. Nervous systems were on high alert so the training that came from this position, engaged a yoga practice that included alerting and relaxing the states of mind and body, so to be better prepared and resilient to the actual raising of the fight or flight state, when invasion was in action.

Core Practice Intentions:

  • Connection with Senses & Tuning into Subtle senses

  • Building Resilience, Strength, Courage, Stamina,

  • Breath Control, Fluctuating through high and low alert states

  • Recovery, Relaxation.

  • Mantra Meditation - Believing that the infinite power of all the the universal energy polarities - lays within us for our own good and the good of the universe.

The practice awakens and encourages our Kundalini / Life force energy to flow Freely and with Vitality, through...

  • Repetitive movement asana - moving poses - but not vinyasa or flow yoga (some surrendering/yin some activating/yang)

  • Naad Yoga - Yoga with sound, try not be afraid like I was - it's very liberating (and its not about religion or deities)

  • Pranayam - breath focus or control to cleanse or generate power and energy

  • Mudra - sacred ways to hold the body

  • Bandhas - ways to "lock" or pump energy in the body

  • Drishti - which is where you focus your eyes

  • Relaxation - Total body relaxation at the end of class

  • Mantra - sacred spoken verse (energetic vibrations to resonate in the body)

... All in one 90 minute class.

People do run shorter classes so busy people can squeeze it into their schedule.. however the old saying is true - the busier you are - the more time you need to take out, to stop and reset.

Burn out is real.

...And, the more you experience the benefits of a kundalini yoga practice by a guided expert, the more you can take the practice out of class and into your daily life, and THAT is hugely beneficial!

Class Structure:

Referred to as a 'Yoga Kriya' or a complete 'Sacred set' and each set has its own purpose. 

It goes like this - Tune in (turning in to ones self), Warm up, Yoga Kriya (sacred set), Relaxation, Moving Mantra Meditation, Sealing in and Moving out.

There's thousands of them and the exertion level between them all, is also one of polarity. Some Kriya are completely seated and are almost a meditation - others are full steam ahead and will challenge muscles you've not used in years. I love this about the modality. It's different all the time which i have to say, makes it brilliant for placing into a humans actual real life.

We are Cyclic Beings.

Up - Down - Round and Round. That's Reality.

Whilst in the west were co-errced into a belief from birth, of life being linear, a push forward, next step, always heading towards a goal, keep pushing, 'caffeine is life' memes , keep at it, 'sleep when you're dead' etc etc..

Kundalini will stop you in your tracks - if you allow it to.

People refer to this as a 'Kundalini Awakening' and lets face it if you're here reading this you've probably already heard of it - and people say its dangerous or scary. Well truth is, if you have 100% bought into the linear ways mentioned above - slowing down and taking time to reflect or restore or reboot your entire way of living - may indeed seem scary.

Letting go of years of stored up tears may be scary - but your body will love you for it.

Taking time out actually makes life work Better!

Kundalini practice will bring you more in alignment with what your real purpose is to be on this planet.. a being of joy, ease, knowing, bliss.

You just gotta let go, keep practicing - and - Have a guide.

Big love to you on this journey - I hope to see you in The Chrysalis for classes real soon,




Check out a time lapsed 40 second video of a Yoga Kriya to give you an idea of what you might do in class. Remembering of course, they can look very different. 

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