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Sadhana = Daily Spiritual Practice


Congratulations on this first curious step.. 

A Sadhana package is a practice designed by us personally for you and for your path in this life time, tailored to your experience & fitness level.


Everyday you have space for Self Inquiry, Growth & Expansion, designed for you through the ancient arts of Tantric Astrology, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

It will change you. It will teach you. You will Grow.

recognise this chatter?..


I'm busy & tired, doing everything for everyone else ..

I'm not flexible, I want more from life.. I want to feel like myself again..

If ANY of this resonates with you, even just 6 minutes to yourself - daily - will transform you.

Give yourself 60 minutes and it will change your life.


What will the Sadhana package with Amy be like?

We'll meet up on zoom and I'll then craft a Meditation or Yoga + Meditation Sadhana specially for you, along with a perfectly tailored playlist to suit your journey. With your Sadhana program prepared we'll get together and run through it start to finish. You'll have heaps of time for questions or note taking. You'll take home an instruction and diagram filled workbook that will easily flow you through your practice, a simple tick chart to track how you're going, some journal prompt pages and an essential oil blend to wear while you practice.


Currently the Sadhana packages are being taught in person only, not online. For the answers to more FAQ's click here

Independent or Accountability Buddy?

There's a Super Supportive option where I'll coach you through every step of the 40 days with weekly 1-on-1 private yoga sessions & success calls to keep you On track & Pumped.. Plus we'll Celebrate together when you're finished!


You can take the Independent option whereby, after our first run through appointment.. I set you free with the tools and you become your own cheerleader!

The next step is entirely up to you.. 

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together.

"Kundalini Yoga takes us from Scattered to Fine Tuned.
We Connect to our Core Essence.
It feels like Freedom".

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Thanks for Contacting Us!

"Amy created a personal sadhana for me. I had never been to a class but she took me through it and explained everything thoroughly and was there to help me fine tune it after I’d started. The prana made my body feel strong and balanced. The meditation I love. On the days my mind is all over the place it helps restore calm and set intentions for the day. Some days it brings insights about myself and what I need to learn. My favourite days are when I feel a strong connection to the divine and Gaia, feeling the love and support and guidance that is always there for us if we allow ourselves to be open to it. It is an amazing journey. It’s helped my anxiety immensely, given me confidence and acceptance within myself and generally just made me feel great. I recommend this to anyone and everyone no matter your level of experience."

Nicola Jones, NZ

Kundalini Yoga Class


How Do You Say It?


Sadhana    "Sa-dah-na"


What is a Sadhana?


It's a Daily Spiritual Practice


Your Sadhana is quality time that you gift to yourself everyday for self inquiry and expansion, through the ancient arts of yoga.

It's also more seriously interpreted as a Discipline whereby bondage (of the mind and of attachment to things) becomes liberation. 

For me it's my sanity.

For you it might be the daily shifting of energy or emotions, stretching and strengthening your body while connecting to it, reconnecting your whole self, time alone, time to learn, heal, bring balance, time to be your own cheerleader.. or a pure moment to BE, before heading out into the world.


Why do sadhana?


For prioritising your well-being and forming healthy habits, to learn so much about yourself, to challenge yourself, to be proud of yourself, to achieve something and celebrate yourself, to find balance and resilience and strength beyond your wildest dreams. 


Its such a small period of time in your life so my question to you is why not?


Why 40 days?


It's about setting good healthy habitual behavioural patterns and taking long enough to feel the benefits of a new way forward. Think if it was only 20 days and you missed a few days, a couple at the start of your period, one day after the dentist.. perhaps a missed morning after a couple of wines you didn't mean to have.. you'd barely have figured out the activities yet, let alone have found life falling into place


What type do I want to do? Full Sadhana or meditation Sadhana?


The choice is between having a practice with physical activity and meditation or meditation on its own. Some birth dates actually only have meditative Kriya's, and that's because of what it is your here in this lifetime to master. 


If you want more physical yoga in your life then opt for the full sadhana

It starts with a tune in mantra, a warm up for the spine, a kirya (complete activity) made up of multiple asana (yoga poses) combined with pranayama (breathe control), Dharana (focused concentration), then a relaxation, a meditation or 2 and you 'tune out' at the end.


The meditation sadhana has the tune in mantra, a spinal warm up, 2 meditations personal for your path in this life time, and a tune out. 


How long does a Sadhana go for each day?


That's up to your personal commitment level.

I would suggest 30-60 minutes 

You can make it go for hours if you want.

In reality, some people's Sadhana is 11 minutes. 


Whatever time you want to put in, you'll get so much more out, It's SO worth it. Remember Kundalini yoga not only works on your physical body, but your 10 energy bodies. You can make huge shifts during something that looks or feels like nothing much. Your days will run smoother, your mind with more clarity, your body much happier in connection with your breath. With an open mind and heart, the growth you'll notice is amazingly beneficial and can be positively explosive for your life situation. 


What do i do and when?


Sadhana is a daily practice you do at the same time every day on your yoga mat in your sacred space where you hopefully won't be interrupted. You'll run through a list of activities in comfy clothing, in the same order each day to music and some bits without. 

You'll practice with an empty stomach so in the morning before breakfast is "best" however some people do their Sadhana around 4pm with an empty stomach before the evening rush. 

Some people do theirs right before bed.. together we'll find the best way for you so you feel truly comfortable with it. 

It's called a practice, because it's all learning. We can make adjustments along the way if necessary.


What time do i do a sadhana?


That's up to you and what you think is the best time you can pick that is easy to commit to. Personally I have found getting up an hour earlier than usual is the best way as I feel like I've stolen free time from somewhere. Like I found time that I didn't have before rather than trying to squeeze it in with everything already on my plate.

Ideally morning is “best” but what's ideal for you may differ, and that's ok.

I'll help you sort this out, there's no rule that suits everyone so it must be about making it work for us as an individual, right?!


What if I miss a day?


What's important after missing or skipping a day.. Is how you treat yourself throughout the day.. and how the world works for you that day..  And also what matters is the next time you're due to practice. Do you bunker down and smash it out or do you quit?

You will have a simple yes/no chart to fill out at the end of each day that will speak volumes about whether missing your practice serves you or not on your path. 

Remember this is for good health, it is not about you putting pressure on you.. I'll help you with anything that comes up. 


Can I chop and change my Sadhana each day?


Sort of.. But not really.

You never change the order of the Sadhana. If you're short on time rather than skipping bits it's better to reduce each activity in the same proportion.. If your activities are all 3 minutes long and you're pushed for time, reduce them all to 1 minute each. 

If you're having a really rough day and even sitting on your mat is driving you mad.. You can either make yourself address the emotions and complete your practice as usual or you could find something in the sadhana that you'd be so proud of yourself for completing in full, on such a rough day, Do it, Feel good about it and move on. Don't give yourself grief. Do be aware of how the day rolls for you. Tomorrow is another day. And how you carry on from there, teaches us a lot about ourselves. 

By the way, there's no Kundalini jail. You won't be in trouble with me or anyone else. 


How do you make a sadhana?


I use your birth date to discover out of the 10 energy bodies you have, which 2 you are here to master, share or find balance in this lifetime. Using those top 2 bodies I compile a set of activities (Kriya) to help dig deep and balance the energy of that area. I compile a music playlist for you using traditional and kundalini mantra and healing sounds like gong and bowls that match the entire kriya, which support you mentally and helps you immerse yourself in the practice even more. I'll create a personal warm up that will prepare the body for the activities of the kriya that follow. A meditation will be paired also for the last part of the practice which comes after relaxation. 


How long are the meditations.. I find it hard to sit still / I don't like meditating?


The shortest would be 6 minutes but you can meditate for 11, 22, 31 or 60 minutes if you find you just love it. 

The thing about meditation is you may have heard that there's only one way to do it and that's by clearing the mind of thoughts whilst sitting perfectly still and in silence.. well, there's hundreds if not thousands of ways to find meditative space and there's definitely one that will suit you.


Kundalini meditations are different. 

We chant mantras, we move, sometimes our eyes aren't even closed.

The mantras are over 5000 years old.. And there's thousands of studies about how mantra chanting or moving meditations are incredibly beneficial to us as electrical living beings.. Forget about what you've heard and go for it. 


If you're worried about how you'll sound or maybe you're embarrassed that you're not from India, and probably shouldn't chant or anything like that.. we'll have a great conversation about how your voice is designed to heal your body.. just let me know if that's something you feel.. embarrassment is a real thing.. this is something I'm passionate about because I HATED the idea of chanting to begin with. It's all good.. I've got you.. I'll share the knowledge with you. 


Typically the first 10 minutes of meditating, the first few times, can be the uncomfortable part of meditation. You may struggle with the mantra or with quieting your thoughts or you can't sit still or everything seems to get itchy, like your nose or eye.. and you think it's frustrating.. Well, it's all still meditating.. How cool is that?! With time things settle down.. it's just resistance and it washes away. After a time or two you'll have the mantra sorted and you'll begin to relax and forget time altogether. 


What does the package with you give me?


First we'll catch up either in person or on zoom, whichever is easiest for you. I'll have a few questions for you, we'll chat about your wishes for the Sadhana and I'll find out your birth date. With that I will compile together either a meditation Sadhana or a full Yoga kriya and meditation Sadhana. Both will have a tune in, warm up and tune out. For either type you choose I will create a music playlist on spotify that fits just for you and your practise. I will print you out a document to have on the floor in front of you while you practise, that guides you through the activities and which song on the playlist goes with each activity. You'll have a natal essential oil blend to wear during your practice to amplify your ability to embody your sun energy.

When I've compiled your sadhana we will get together and we will do the sadhana together. You'll have heaps of time for any questions and variations we might want to sort through.


Then the choice is yours. I can set you free to walk the 40 days independently. You can opt in for me to check in with you weekly if you think that will be of benefit to you.. if that kind of thing seems like nagging.. then you can opt out. 


The Super Supportive option is where we meet once each week to do the Sadhana together and run through anything that comes up for you like assessing time increases, variations and iron out any kinks.. while you do the Sadhana every other day in your space. I'll be here to support you with any questions you have and I'll coach you through it.


You can totally keep your practice and your chart to yourself. It's your practice. It's up to you.


If you like I'll be there to celebrate with you on day 40 and we can have a run down appointment after completion of sadhana. There I would love to assimilate the findings in your chart and spend some time with you learning some more from it. It is a truly helpful guidance tool for moving forward in so many areas of your life. 


What is Sadhana charting?


It's a simple tool that gives us Heeeeaps of information about your innate cycles that occur subconsciously. It's yes/no ticking in boxes, it'll take 2 minutes each day and it's well worth the time. 


What happens when I menstruate?


Depending on your bleed, heavy or light, you'll take days 1-3 of your Sadhana lightly. There may be some activities you don't do at all physically, however you will visualise yourself performing them for the selected time. For some activities there may be a variation for you. There will be certain breath work that will change for those first 3 days also. You can carry on no problem.


Should I write about my Sadhana?


Journaling is never a mistake. You'll be able to look back much better than you can remember and if you're someone who only remembers the hard stuff.. I'd say journaling this process is a must! 

Knowing you're going to journal also helps you be present in the moment of activity. 

Go for it!

Alexa Young, CA

“Testimonials provide a sense of what it's like to work with you or use your products. Change the text and add your own."
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