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Here's what our students say..

Purple Stars

Tania Brown

Taranaki, NZ

Amy has been my Kundalini Yoga teacher for a whole year.. 


As a first year yoga instructor I am blown away by Amy's commitment to learn (so that she can share with others) the wisdom embodied in the Kundalini practice.


What I love the most about Amy's classes Is that they are FUN. The mix of Kriya, Savasana and chanting is perfect for me.


Amy's studio space is extraordinary (A little like her) & nestled into nature which allows a peaceful practice for us all.


So looking forward to next years classes!


Highly recommended ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Megan Holmes

Taranaki, New Zealand

 I’ve been doing Amy’s classes for a couple of terms now and I absolutely love them. I first went to Amy’s classes not knowing what Kundalini yoga was and it was definitely out of my comfort zone. I am the most inflexible person I know but it’s great that you just do what you can and you never feel as if you’re not doing enough in these classes and I must say I definitely feel all the different movements the next day. My body also realigns itself with a few good clicks here and there which I love. The indoor space Amy has provided is so very welcoming you instantly feel relaxed when you walk in and the view is amazing with the native bush and sounds of birds singing outside. With Amy’s combination of yoga,meditation and chanting as you move through her class make the stresses of the world melt away. I aways feel so relaxed and invigorated after finishing her classes. I highly recommend Amy’s classes to anyone and everyone especially if you haven’t done Kundalini yoga before. You will love it !  ❤️

Abstract Blue Light
Turquoise Stone


Taranaki, New Zealand

I started coming along to kundalini yoga after seeing a post on Facebook. I am new to yoga as a practice and was extremely keen to learn how I could incorporate it into my life as a tool for stress relief. After a term of being in class with Amy I signed up for a personal sadhana program to help maintain my mental health and wellbeing.  This was a game changer for me.  Amy's passion for her art shows in her commitment to her students and I will be a permanent in her classes for as long as she is running them.

Diana & Raigk

Taranaki, New Zealand

My husband and I have been doing Kundalini Yoga with Amy for about half a year, We absolutely love it.


It helped us tremendously with flexibility, managing back pain, and other little pain related issues. Also mentally we both feel more relaxed and content since joining.


The scenery and atmosphere in her studio is just beautiful, a place to relax.

A big thank you Amy!

Green Curved Lines
Yellow Curtain

Jasmine Millward

Taranaki, New Zealand

The work I do with Amy is a little piece of magic in my total wellbeing. Walk in, weighed down, walk out a better version of me. It’s subtle but strong… powerful but not overwhelming.

Naomi Hunt

Taranaki, New Zealand

Thanks so much for your mindful guidance in todays yoga session. I felt so much calmer today and could more easily tune in to patience and compassion. I feel like I have shifted some grief, feel settled. So much gratitude for you and the teachings you are sharing.

Golden Sparkles
Abstract Red Lines

Nicola Jones

Taranaki, New Zealand

Amy created a Kundalini yoga personal sadhana for me. I had never been to a Yundalini class but she took me through it and explained everything thoroughly and was there to help me fine tune it after I’d started. The prana made my body feel strong and balanced. The meditation I love. On the days my mind is all over the place it helps restore calm and set intentions for the day. Some days it brings insights about myself and what I need to learn. My favourite days are when I feel a strong connection to the divine and Gaia, feeling the love and support and guidance that is always there for us if we allow ourselves to be open to it. It is an amazing journey. It’s helped my anxiety immensely, given me confidence and acceptance within myself and generally just made me feel great.

I recommend this to anyone and everyone no matter your level of experience.

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